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{Meet} Sandra Regier, Ruralist and Photographer


All photos by Sandra Regier, except profile photo
(by Erin Samuell of A Simple Photograph) and MacNaughton photo (by me).

Sandra Regier is a photographer and ruralist who lives in a historic home on a country road in Huron County. She is a wife, mom of five, active in her community, and excited about the great things in rural Ontario, just like we are! Sandra has proven to be an enthusiastic ally for us Ruralistas, willing to get involved when and where she can, share her expertise and network, and help us work to show you the best things around us.

At the shoot where she took the photos we used in our {Get} Make a Fall Container Garden at Huron Ridge Acres post, we asked Sandra to tell us about her five favourite things about rural Ontario. Above is the list she gave us. To find out more about each one, here are some links:

1. MacNaughton-Morrison Trail, Exeter
2. Stratford Festival
3. The Black Dog Village Pub, Bayfield; Historical Bayfield Town Hall, Bayfield
4. Pianovations, Blyth
5. Hessenland Country Inn, St. Joseph

To see the rest of the Bayfield shoot I borrowed Sandra’s Black Dog picture from, as featured on Style Me Pretty, click here. To see more of Hessenland and the shoot I borrowed the corresponding image from, click here. Enjoy her frequent Instagram posts, or, to chat with Sandra about photography or rural Ontario living or more, follow her on Twitter: @SandraRegier.