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{See} The Country Commute

A country road in winter

Do you love driving through the Ontario countryside on your way to work or school or play? So do we! Here’s our friend, photographer Erin Samuell, on why she loves her country commute (photo by Erin):

I moved to Rural Ontario from a life of suburbia about seven years ago. I had just given birth to my youngest and my husband and I were searching for that small town charm and sense of community. Well of course, we have found it and I’ve never looked back!

There are so many things I love about my rural life but one of the most profound has to be my country commute!  I can literally drive for an hour and never hit a single traffic light! From my front door into the village is seven minutes. Not six, never eight… exactly seven. There’s never traffic (other than occasionally getting stuck behind a combine or tractor – and yes, I now know the difference!).  The scenery is ever changing, beautiful and relaxing. I look forward to longer drives now! Today as I was driving in from town, badly singing along to Meaghan Smith, I was feeling happy and particularly grateful for this simple pleasure.

Yes, it’s true, I have happily traded my city friendly Toyota Prius for a fuel efficient four wheel drive that I dutifully adorn with sturdy winter tires every fall! I love my country commute!

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